The happy feets: Fake Omega watches obvious flaw

Founded in 1848, Omega gained in popularity in the 60s with the space program and by 1970, they were the number one brand in front of Rolex.
Their logo is well known by watch-aficionado.


But in modern days, we are seeing some change in this logo. The “feet” of the Omega logo whet from having their “toes” up, to straight.


So modern watches like Planet Ocean, Seamasters and Deville now has the new logo on their dials.

This rule apply to metal logo that aren’t printed with ink on the dial. Those that still use ink, like the Speedmaster line (the famous Moon Watch) still has those “happy feet”.


omegafeetFrom left to right: Genuine Omega Speedmaster 50th anniversary logo / Genuine Deville Logo / Replica Omega Planet Ocean Logo (wrong)

This is a good way to spot a replica watch since most of the time, counterfeit watch factory simply use the logo they have in stock. But it’s not an absolute sign either, since many fake omega watch now use this new logo.

Either way, if the watch you are looking to buy has a metal logo with happy feet, beware! This is a sign that you should look closer before buying.