The top 4 watches brand to be careful about buying

Counterfeit watches are easily passed as genuine. When buying a used watch or a new one from gray market seller, some brand are asking for more precaution as other. 

Here’s the top 4 brands you really should investigate before spending your money.


#4 Omega

Very popular watch brand, their watch are highly desired by many. With demand come offer and replica factory has the whole catalog available. Since many of the Omega watch use standard watch movement or modified one from ETA SA, watch look and function are often preserved. You should take a look at the usual flaw from counterfeit Omega before buying.

Omega Planet Ocean


#3 Hublot

Even if the best replica Hublot still has way to identify themselves (see our article about it) Hublot is making so much different model and variation, which even watches aficionado can lose themselves in their catalog. Fake watch maker are no different from this and offer about any variation Hublot has thought about, and even some they haven’t yet.

Because of the wide variety of Hublot watches available, this is a brand you have to make homework before buying outside of an authorized dealer.

Hublot Big Bang


#2 Rolex

Most of the people that think about fake watches, think about Rolex. Even your family members that has no interest in watches think that. Why? For decades, Rolex replica are made from the worst, to the one we find today. Rolex is also very loud about this phenomenon by doing impressive destruction or seized counterfeit in front of the press. All this attention made the replica world thinking about Rolex first. A good marketing trick to make push potential buyer to buy from Authorized dealer (and by the same time maximizing the price of their product) 

For these reason, potential Rolex buyer should be very careful before throwing money at any seller.



#1 Panerai

Much of the beauty of the Panerai watches come from their simplicity. These are intemporal watches that also has the “bad habit” to use very simple watch movement from ETA SA Manufacture Horlogère Suisse. This choice also lead many watches aficionado to categories Panerai watches as one of the most overpriced and overrated brand available.

With the incredible simplicity of their watch come the ease from counterfeit watch maker to replicate their work. Basically all their catalog are floating around as fake and often beside a full tear down of the watch, nothing can tell you if you are buying a genuine product or not. Even boxes and papers can be falsified and bought online.

For these reason, Panerai watch is the watch brand potential buyer should be the most careful. This might now be the most shout about brand name when you think about replica watch, but their accuracy are so shocking that buying outside of an authorized dealer is a real risk.