Rebellion Timepieces - Ten Minutes With Calim Bouhadra: Discover The Man Behind Rebellion Timepieces

Mechanical engineer by training, with an MBA in Management and Business Organisation, Calim Bouhadra comes with a rich and diverse background. Apart from his role as CEO of Rebellion Timepieces, he also heads up Rebellion Racing and Rebellion Motors, with additional duties as COO of a company in the electronics sector.

Here is his multi-faceted portrait.

Calim Bouhadra © Rebellion Timepieces

What first made you interested in the watchmaking business?

The world of Swiss watchmaking is an incredible world, with infinite possibilities for development. It's quite rare to be able to have such possibilities for technical expression today. As a mechanical engineer by training, this is definitely something I enjoy on a daily basis — to grow within this universe.

What unique quality do you think you bring to your brand?

I think that my foremost quality is definitely the fact that I am quite a rebel in society. In life I've always avoided doing what the rest of the world was doing, without being a revolutionary or a dissenter — just by being different, thinking differently and following my own instincts.

Ten Minutes With Calim Bouhadra: Discover The Man Behind Rebellion Timepieces

Re-Volt Bruno Senna © Rebellion Timepieces

Tell us about an experience that defines your leadership style.

I don't know if I can give exactly the right definition of leadership, but for me, being a leader is about being respected by your team. The best way of getting there is to inculcate the notion of shared responsibility. That's why I use empowerment tools, systems that allow me to delegate my responsibilities, that allow my team to flourish and express their talents.

Which watch do you wear most often, and why?

Undeniably the most beautiful of our creations, the T1000. I love wearing it because it feels so comfortable and light, with its case in titanium and movement in aluminium. On the more technical side, it's a concentration of technologies that perfectly reflects our will to operate as a big manufacture, while remaining modern. It retains the world record for longest power reserve, has an innovative display of the time on rollers, and six barrels that can be rewound simultaneously thanks to two micro-mechanical chains (the smallest in the world).

Ten Minutes With Calim Bouhadra: Discover The Man Behind Rebellion Timepieces

T1000 © Rebellion Timepieces

What have you achieved as CEO that you are most proud of?

What makes me happy is to have reached the stage where I know that the brand is recognised. This new fame shows that we have been able, over the years, to establish the brand with the wider public and also professionals.

What is the biggest misconception that people have about Rebellion Timepieces?

I don't know if it's a misconception exactly, but people don't always know that Rebellion Timepieces and Rebellion Racing (who compete at the World Endurance Championship and in Dakar) are directly linked.

Ten Minutes With Calim Bouhadra: Discover The Man Behind Rebellion Timepieces

Predator Chronograph Dakar © Rebellion Timepieces

On the other hand, what is one thing about Rebellion Timepieces that is not well known, but super important, in your view?

We are the only watchmaking brand to participate in both 24H du Mans and in Dakar, with a with a team in our name, while making our own Rebellion chassis even though we are not car manufacturers. And the icing on the cake — we have won several victories in endurance races and now also in Dakar.

Give us a one-word (or one-phrase) hint about your future plans for the brand.


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