Counterfeit watch quality versus Genuine

One of the easiest ways to tell if a watch is real or not is playing the “find the error” game. While some replica can be very close to the genuine, they always have error. The quality of the replica will make thing easier or harder.
Point covered in the “obvious flaws” and articles found on most web sites are usually based on the cheapest quality available.


Here’s a comparison for example.

moonwatch comparasion

From left to right: Cheapest fake Omega "MoonWatch" / Good replica / Genuine Omega Moon Watch

The cheapest one is fairly easy to spot. The Omega Moonwatch feature a chronograph complication, which this one surely fails to replicate. You can see b looking at the sub dial, that they made a day, date and 24h function instead. So instead of having a second sub dial at 9oclock, there’s a day of the week indicator. At 6, you have a 24h display instead of 12hours chronograph and at 3, there’s a 31 day date instead of 30 minute chronograph indicator.

That is obviously a cheap watch you will find in a tourist store.

The second one in the middle is a bit harder. It has a working chronograph and all sub dials are working correctly beside the one at 6 o’clock, which even if it’s identified as 12h marker, fallow the main hour hand. Besides that, the overall look is quite convincing. The real flaw you can find is the sub dial spacing. The space between each small dials are wider than the genuine. This is due to Omega in-house movement that the Chinese can’t copy as of today. Same reason for the 12 hour marker that isn’t working as a chronograph.

Theses replicas are the one that dishonest people may try to pass as genuine and scam you. Obviously, this one is still fairly easy to identify and some other might be even harder to see.